Beijing New Year 2022 Light Show Real

Since the actual date of the Chinese New Year is calculated using solar and lunar motions, its start date varies from year to year.

Beijing New Year 2022 Light Show Real

Westerners celebrating New Year’s Eve in Beijing will find just as many exciting options as those celebrating in the West. Beijing locals and foreigners alike will be gearing up to welcome the New Year in style as the clock ticks down the final hours of the old year.


Beijing New Year 2022 Light Show Real

Worst Fireworks and Countdown Ever

If you’re thinking of spending New Year’s Eve in Beijing this year, you’ll be spoiled for choice between innumerable New Year’s Eve parties, boat cruises, and formal hotel galas, among other options. New Year’s Eve celebrations in the city range from hip DJ dance parties to mellower settings in local bars and hotels.

No firm plans have been made for this year’s celebrations, although in years past, millions of people have gathered together under a big TV screen at The Place or the Summer Palace for the countdown to midnight.

New Year Parties:

You might not immediately associate Beijing with wild club parties, but the city is teeming with places to let your hair down. The Yen Celebration, held in the city’s 798 Factory sector and featuring performances by world-famous DJs, is one of the city’s most exciting New Year’s Eve parties, but it only accommodates around 2,000 people, so you’ll want to make reservations soon.

Numerous restaurants and bars in Beijing will also be hosting their own private New Year’s Eve parties for their regulars. A number of Sanlitun bars, including Migas, offer a more refined atmosphere for those who attend. It’s possible that this year will follow last year’s theme of funk music.

In 2012, Club China Doll transformed into a casino, complete with personnel dressed as card dealers and cocktail tables converted into gaming tables, hosting one of Beijing’s most memorable New Year’s Eve festivities. There will be a toast at midnight with a vibrant audience, electro music, and appetisers. You’ll want to get your tickets early because this is Beijing’s most popular New Year’s Eve party.

Beijing’s New Year’s Eve Fireworks

Beijing’s New Year’s Eve celebrations have a rich cultural and historical background, with many of the customs centred on hoping for a prosperous new year. Everyone has their own idea of what luck entails, but if you spend the New Year in Beijing, you can count on your luck turning in your favour as you soak up the sights, sounds, and energy of this remarkable Chinese metropolis.

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