And Just Like That… Season 1 Episode 10

And it was that simple. I believe that the entire course of Carrie’s arc this season has my complete support. Have 10 episodes stuffed full of moments of utter stupidity just worn me out? I don’t give a damn; I adore rom-coms and am game for any and all story-ending makeouts in elevators.

And to be honest, I’m simply glad to see that the show didn’t disappoint us here after bafflingly declining to give us Miranda’s big Cleveland moment after building up to it for an entire episode. Just to be clear, I’m referring solely to Carrie’s plot; Miranda is still completely out of control.

And Just Like That... Season 1 Episode 10

This Season’s Closing Episode “Seeing The Light”

This season’s closing episode, “Seeing the Light,” is appropriately titled since the Widow Bradshaw has spent the entire time trying to navigate her intense grief. She had already spoken about and been able to see glimmers of optimism, and in this episode, that glimmer grows stronger.

She will still carry her sorrow and heartbreak with her, but now that she can see what’s on the other side of all the suffering, so can we. There is some hope in the form of the extremely attractive podcast producer Franklyn, who has been waiting behind the glass the entire season to enter and seduce Carrie. Smush faces in an elevator, at the very least.

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Miranda Tried To Dissuade Carrie From Travelling To Paris

However, Carrie’s comeback to romance is nothing compared to how this show utterly destroyed Miranda Hobbes. I’m furious at how she was able to have this episode’s ending.

Sure, dump your sweetheart and begin a new romance, but entirely wreck your career? Coming from the original four’s sole member who was unquestionably the most career-focused? I simply can’t comprehend it.

Someone as brilliant as Miranda would be inclined to pay attention when their best friend and college professor both caution them against committing a major mistake. Instead, she is taking a plane to Los Angeles where she will continue to cheer in Che’s audience.

It is a total 180-degree shift from the end of the series, when Miranda tried to dissuade Carrie from travelling to Paris with Mikhail Baryshnikov. And look how that relationship played out.

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Final Words

There you have it, your issue. The sequel to “And Just Like That,” “Sex and the City,” is so abhorrent that I genuinely can’t remember if it was a movie at all or just the worst fever dream of all time.

If we’re talking about legacy and the good, the bad, and the ugly of “And Just Like That,” then we must also discuss it. That is not overstating things.

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