A. Duplantis Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

The guy to watch in men’s pole vaulting has long been Armand “Mondo” Duplantis, who was born in Louisiana in 1999. But not many, not even the most ardent fans of track and field, would have predicted that his rise would end with him smashing the world record so swiftly.

Duplantis chose to represent his mother’s native Sweden in international competition. He was born to an American pole vaulter father and a Swedish long jumper mother. He won the under-18 title in 2015, just four months shy of turning 16 years old. Barely two years later, he smashed the under-20 world record with a clearing of 5.90m, catching the eye of the legendary Sergey Bubka.

A. Duplantis Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

But following their initial encounter in 2013, Duplantis’ childhood hero was another man, Renaud Lavillenie. “I admired his pole vaulting technique. I’ve sort of always wished I could jump like him “In 2017, Duplantis stated. He travelled to Clermont-Ferrand that winter to train for a few days with the French Olympic champion.

Olympic Champion Mondo Duplantis is Laser-Focused on 2022 Following Eye Surgery.

The flying Swede underwent laser eye surgery to help him focus on his most recent goals because a new year meant new objectives. His goals include winning the World Championship, breaking more records, and just surpassing all previous record holders.

Duplantis Originally Came To Public Attention

Duplantis originally came to public attention in February of last year while competing on the World Indoor Tour, when he twice broke the previous world record of 6.16m with clearances of 6.17m and 6.18m.

Duplantis Chose To Attempt Another World Record Attempt At 6.19m

Duplantis chose to attempt another world record attempt at 6.19m after winning the gold medal on a warm and muggy night in Tokyo, forcing the few hundred spectators at the Olympic Stadium to remain seated. American Christopher Nilsen and Brazilian Thiago Braz, the reigning gold medallist, were the only participants to clear 5.87.

“Fun is had. In a way, that is how we socialise with our pals. We compete in the Olympics, much like most people go to bars or play video games “He chuckled. What, then, was going through Nilsen’s head as Duplantis made the record-breaking attempt?

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Nilsen added, “How could he, he must be foolish, I thought. “What fun it is to watch a world record holder get close to achieving it. I thought, “Wow, I cleared 5.80m at the Olympics,” when I jumped 5.80 metres. Then, as he attempted to jump 47 cm higher, it was as if a regular soccer player were witnessing Messi or Ronaldo.”

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