A. Ancer Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Horses for courses at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo? Golfers from Mexico had a good time in the Olympic Village.

A. Ancer Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Abraham Ancer, a golfer for Mexico, is so dedicated to making the most of his Olympic experience that he is sharing a flat in the athletes’ Village with the equestrian team, despite the fact that it is a three-hour round-trip to the course.

A. Ancer Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

We had planned to stay in a hotel, but it was still about an hour away,” the No. 23 player in the world from Mexico explained. In other words, this is my first visit to a rural area. What an amazing experience it has been to chat with world-class athletes. Really, you never have an opportunity like that.

Carlos Ortiz, a Teammate from Mexico, is now Visiting some of Mexico’s best Boxers.

“The village is something I have never truly seen,” said Ortiz at Kasumigaseki Country Club, where the men’s golf event will begin on Thursday. It’s lovely to see so many flags fluttering in the breeze when you enter the room.

Ancer remarked that he was pleasantly surprised to learn that he shared mutual acquaintances with his new roommates, all of whom are horse enthusiasts.

He said, “I never would have guessed.” There’s a guy living there who’s a little bit older than me but who owns ranches not too far from where I grew up. Some of the guys who have been to his property are friends of mine. That was awesome since I didn’t know who I was going to be staying with or who the guys were.

The hamlet is located in the heart of Tokyo’s Olympic zone, although Ortiz did highlight the drawbacks of staying there while the golf is being played 70 km away in Saitama.


The travel time, which averages an hour and a half each way, is the sole potential source of stress. Having an 8.15am tee time on Thursday is forcing me to wake up really early in order to eat, work out, and hit some balls before the round.

Indeed, that’s the only drawback. It seems like the best course of action to me. I really want to immerse myself in everything the Olympics have to offer. Thanks for read our Article A. Ancer Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.

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